Monday, September 05, 2005

Nine of you are in, another four are going to - who else wants to play?

G'day again - only 9 more sleeps to go for youse lucky Americans and hopefully there's less than fourteen for us keen Aussies.

So far, via this blog or via my other one: I've got nine dead certs in for the competition (pick your final three Survivors from the descriptions below in my post of Monday August 29 on Blurb from the Burbs or via this blog's post of Wednesday August 31), four who have said they will get around to sending their picks in and moi. We need more players.

No, you don't win anything. That's why it's free, you greedy little bugger. Just read through the descriptions of each of the sixteen contestants and, via the comments field, give me your final three picks before the shops shut (5pm, here in Oz) on 15th September. Stop moaning about how you don't know any of them; that's the idea. It can be alternately frustrating and hilarious to find yourself barracking for a player that - as shown on TV- repulses you. Come on, you know you want to!


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