Thursday, September 08, 2005

Toughest ever? As usual....

This tiny feature was found on the ninemsn website today:

The heat is on
Just how tough will the new series of Survivor get? We’ve heard it before – that this season of Survivor is going to be “the toughest one ever”. But could it be true this time?

“We’d been accused of getting too soft,” explains host Jeff Probst. “On this one, we decided to return to our roots and make it as tough on the Survivors as possible.”

The heat in Guatemala is fierce, with temperatures reaching 50°C during filming. Although the tribes’ camps were on the shores of Lake Yaxha, no one could swim because the lake is infested with crocodiles. There were also plenty of scorpions and tarantulas to contend with.

Within the first 24 hours, Survivors were struck down with dysentery and heatstroke, and some even considered quitting. “We may have gone too far this time,” says executive producer Mark Burnett.

We'll see soon enough.......


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