Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ep 7 - Two Tribes go to war....

This week's episode opened with Nakum on Night 15. Judd was very relieved that Margaret was gone: "I'm not a loose cannon......I'm a big teddy bear." The rest of his tribe just nodded and smiled, all the while thinking, Okaaaaay. As Jamie told us: "It makes me want to take Judd with me to the final two because he's going to keep blowing up."

At Yaxha, there was little focus on Brian's demise and more on how the hell poor old Bobby Jon was going to peel his shirt off his sticky, pussy shoulder wound. He wasn't alone, as Brandon also had a few festering grazes and was kind enough to point out to Amy that she had a couple on her chin.

Day 16 arrived and with it the Reward Challenge. As usual, Jeff explained it and I was totally confused until I saw the event happen - lots of dizzying stuff for food-starved competitors! Alternatively, it might be a good party game I'll try for my daughter's seventh birthday party next year....

The Mayans were the culture originally attributed with discovering chocolate, so the reward was a chocolate feast with a zip-line canopy ride through the rainforest.

Team Nakum worked very well together as they tried to rustle up a bra for Cindy

but Brandon's team mates weren't quite so adept at bush bra making....

It was a reasonably close - and somewhat Benny Hill-like - race, but Nakum fell over just as they were about to race to the end. Like a multi-limbed, four-backed bug they struggled to get up and were beaten by Yaxha. Poor chunky-lunks Lydia looked devastated at their loss.

Yaxha each wore harnesses as they walked along a high rope bridge before sliding down the cable through the forest.

It wasn't really Amy's thing, as evidenced by her screaming "Get me to the freakin' platform!" BJ, on the other hand, showed a rare flicker of eloquence: "It was majestic....", before dashing my hopes with "...seein' all those tall trees and stuff." Best keep your mouth shut my love.

The chocolate feast was enjoyed by all and it would have gone down a treat with the huge glasses of ice cold milk that was also available (when did these poor sods eat any dairy food?)

Brandon told us afterwards that "Even looking at the mud on the ground reminds me of chocolate, and makes me feel sick." Way to go son - if you ain't feeling sick after chocolate, you haven't had enough!

Hard to believe that Danni the birthday girl had eaten any chocolate at all

The birthday girl suggested that they share the left-over choccies with the Nakum tribe and invite them over for a pool party. As they were paddling over, BJ assured a worried Gary that there'd be no niggly wiggly he-man macho nonsense with him and Jamie.

Over at choc-free Nakum, dear old Rafe was making playing cards out of leaves. As he and Stephenie were settling down to play, they heard the visiting Yaxhaians calling out to them. Gary made it clear: "No buffs, no game talk, just a party." Jamie and Cindy weren't thrilled with the idea of being friendly with Yaxha, but reluctantly went along with the rest of their tribe. Poor things - was the chocolate worth seeing Judd in his tighty whities around the pool?

Jamie stayed aloof and told us: "I'm here for business and everyone else should be also." That's fine you big lug but you are also supposed to be playing the game, remember, or you may find that you're in the final two because you make other player look good. His negativity ended up getting on his team mates'nerves during the paddle home. Super Steph told us that "there could be a clash between he and I."

On day 18 at Yaxha, they were still eating the chocolate. BJ was in the swimming enclosure, letting little fish nibble at his festering shoulders and loose flaps of skin. Then Mr Anti-Mensa tried to amuse himself by seeing if he could catch the feeding fish with his mouth. Meanwhile Amy tried again to see if she could get Gary to admit that he was an ex-NFL player, but he stuck firm to his story.

The Immunity Challenge involved digging up large, heavy puzzle pieces before putting them together to form an ancient Mayan calendar. Desperately de-caloried Danni didn't have the strength in the early stage and gave up to let Brandon dig out a piece.

I know my likeable personality's in here somewhere...

Jamie threw a piece that accidentally got Stephenie right on the shin - that would have hurt. Despite this hiccup, Nakum won the challenge.

It's fun to stay at the Y...

Yaxha sadly shuffled back to their camp. Amy was feeling vulnerable because Danni, Brandon and BJ were pretty tight and not about to break their original alliance. Or so she thought until Danni mentioned that, at first, she wasn't happy that BJ was playing because he'd already had his chance in the previous series.

Amy seized this morsel as a possible way to get Danni and co to vote off BJ instead of her that night. Gary told her, "If you've got Danni, you've got me."
Brandon told Danni, "Amy may be more deserving to be here than BJ....."
As for BJ the mouth-fish-molester, he told us that "I want to make it to the jury - that'd be a lifelong dream." Um, no, it wouldn't be 'lifelong' sweetie - the show's only been running for five years and you're twenty five.... Undeterred he went on: "Not everyone gets a second chance and I don't want to blow it."

At Tribal Council, Brandon told Jeff that tonight's vote had been extremely difficult for him to decide who to vote for, "the hardest part is justifying why you voted someone out." Danni agreed, "We have all bonded, so being here sucks."

BJ voted for Amy (and gave her his usual mangled compliments) and Amy voted for BJ. It was Amy who was voted off, four votes to one (hers, obviously). The physically weakest member and no doubt Gary was tired of having to fend off her NFL queries all the time.

Jeff then told them that they were about to merge with Nakum. They were to head to Nakum's camp with new team buffs and to decide on a new tribal name.

premiership table shows that a couple of you no longer share equal first place, so now things are starting to get interesting. Go Bobby Jon!

Next week - Nakum awakes to a surprise merge and Jamie and Judd have an argument....


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