Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ep 13 - Somebody smack me!

I can not believe it; I can not believe that I did it a second time - I am dumber than a box of boogers and deserve a thoroughly intense smacking.

My poor mate Jill, who came over for dinner and drinks with her family was pumped in anticipation to watch 'Survivor' after we'd done the dishes and got all kids into various beds asleep. The poor love was shattered. Thankfully she was very good humoured about it, and only wailed in angst when I left the room to drop a couple of John Howard's off at the pool.

Therefore, as per last week, this blog is just a recap of what I can glean from the CBS website, plus a few photos. Very, very sorry about that, folks. I may have got rather merry last night, but seeing as I set the VCR timer *before* any champers were opened I have no excuse other than my own blonde stupidity.

....and then there were five.......

As the only boy left, Rafe was pronounced an 'Honorary Girl' by the, er, girls.

Now if only they could influence him to wash his damn shirt!

The Car challenge - Cindy won the black Pontiac 4WD what-not and got to share a meal and overnight reward with Stephenie. (Interesting, because she was earlier blowing steam about how she hadn't been privy to the plan to vote off Judd).

In every season of Survivor (eleven so far), not one player who has won the car has won the entire million dollars. Would Cindy be able to reverse this trend?

Well she'd already put everyone off-side by choosing to keep the car for herself rather than let her other four team mates have one each. "Screw the curse. I can win a car and a million dollars if I play my cards right," Cindy reasoned. "I'm here to beat the odds, and so far I have."

The victory would have been about as satisfying as deciding whether to saw off your left leg or your right leg - a) Should she just 'give' a car to players who benefit materially yet could still vote her off; or b) Should she grab it for herself and risk the jealousy and simmering hatred of the rest of them?

As for the immunity challenge, it was won by a thrilled super Stephenie who had never been given the opportunity to wear the ridiculous necklace in two seasons of Survivor.

It was the perfect time for her to win - they'd got rid of the king silverback baboon, Judd, last episode and she as the Alpha Female had a rather large target on her back too.

She and Cindy had talked about voting out Danni whilst they were at their overnight archeological camp, but Rafe and Danni had banded together and vowed never to vote for each other. And Lydia? Who knows, who cares.....

Jamie, Bobby John, Judd and Gary looked less hairy and better fed as jury members.

Not surprisingly Cindy got the flick - the Car Curse won out after all. As Jeff snuffed out her torch she said, "Thanks guys. I'll be thinking of you when I see the stars through the sunroof of my new car." Oooooooh, the zookeeper has bigger claws than the cats!

Next week - The final two episodes plus a catch-up show is on this coming Monday. I'm not going to bother with the mental complexities of programming the VCR - it will be much easier for me just to sit in front of the TV and ignore the family activities going on around me.

CBS tells us:
A surprise from a local family quickly shakes up the Final Four in a traditional Maya ceremony. Later, a surprise thunderstorm sets the Survivors wondering if a decision they made upset the Maya gods. Two Survivors question their alliance and agree on who should be eliminated. Will this decision work to their advantage? With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay to be become the Sole Survivor?

The premiership table shows that, at this stage, we have only one leader - SPECIAL RAY !! In the spirit of Dr Seuss: Hey Hey Hey, Let's give a YAY for Special Ray? Let's do it today - what do you mean 'no way' ?


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