Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ep 11 - who ate all the food?

The episode started straight after Tribal Council on Night 27.

Back at camp Xhakum Doorman Judd was upset that no-one had told him about voting off Jamie: “I was totally shocked that Jamie got voted out…..I was pissed off man.”
Gary told us: “Jamie did me a big favour by driving everybody crazy.” Let's not forget that you also found the immunity idol, stringbean.

Day 28 soon arrived but no-one was in much of a mood to leap out of the shelter and start off the day. Gary and Lydia were flashing some kind of hand signals at each other and he then tried to get Lydia to tell him who 'they' (Judd, Steph, Rafe, Cindy and Lyd) were going to vote for next. A smart enough idea, but NOT smart to do it within earshot of the shelter because Judd heard every word. He then immediately whispered it to Rafe and Stephenie as soon as they stirred.

At her little interview tree, Lydia told us, “I have to watch my own ass – if somebody approaches me with a better deal, I’m going for it.” Fair enough, but I'm still wondering just how anyone can physically watch their own arse.

Later that morning the final seven players arrived at the old ruins for the Reward Challenge. Each player had three hanging pots filled with corn. Jeff was going to ask them questions about Mayan culture – if a player got it right they'd get to smash another player’s pot and the winner would be whoever's post was hanging last. The Prize – cocktails, skewers, a massage and a wash in a waterfall.

Judd immediately smashed Gary’s pot (a subtle message there) and hungry Lydia smashed Steph’s as did Danni. Gary took out Cindy. Lydia smashed Stephenie’s again, saying “I haven’t eaten and Stephenie’s eaten three times.” Stephh immediately shot back with, “So has Gary, so has Gary.” Hmmm a bit of foodie friction there.

Cindy won the reward, with Rafe second. Good on her, she hasn’t won anything before. Naturally the Probster asked her to invite someone. She chewed her nails as she thought through and decided to take Rafe.

Stephenie could have eaten that corn, instead of Rafe wasting it during the reward challenge.

The losers back at camp saw an angry Super Steph. “Well boohoo for Lydia”. She then started to list all of the foods she’d eaten: “And I don’t want to hear any more about it.”
Later, Gary told us that “Lydia gets so steamed up because Steph eats so much – I don’t think she’s even lost weight. She eats so much corn and nuts it’s amazing.”
Lydia to us: “Everybody is putting Stephenie up on a pedestal, yet everyone knows she’s the biggest threat and we’re not doing anything about it.”

At the waterfall, two masseuses greeted Cindy and Rafe with a table of kebabs, fresh fruit and mohitos. Naturally they ate first. “It was a flood of strategy for both us,” Rafe said, “Cindy and I are in this together for better for worse.” Next they had a swim in the hot and cool waterfall before their massage. Rafe looked cute with a flower in his ear!

'Here's to Cindy she's true blue....she's a piss-pot through and through...she's a bas---- so they say....'

When they got back to camp, the others were less than thrilled to hear about what they ate, drank and got massaged. Lydia sat apart from the group, eating some kind of corn soup from a cup. Lydia: “I had to sit there and listen to them talk about eating shish kebabs…I felt insulted. Cindy should have chosen me to go to this food reward. I’m an outcast.”

Why isn't she going fishing anymore?

Cindy wasn’t sympathetic: “Are we supposed to feel sorry for you, let you win something? We’re here to compete… gotta step it up or you’re not going to be around.”

Lydia's original alliance were starting to question her value. “She’s only got this far because she’s nice and smiles,” said Stephenie to Cindy and Rafe. “She’s now out of our alliance.”
Day 30 saw Gary snoring and Judd and Cindy sorting through the coffee cups. Cindy, Judd, Stephenie and Rafe sat on the rock ledge, drinking their coffee. “Wouldn’t it be good if we were here as the final four?” said Cindy.

They didn't have much time to strategise before the Immunity Challenge started. The Probster told them a rapid and detailed story involving Mayan culture. Each player then had to visit each of the seven stations which had puzzles to put together with questions about the story. Correct answers got flags that could be stuck on the players’ hat-rack/platform thingy; and incorrect answers got a stick that had to be thrown into the fire. I feel like I’m repeating myself from last week here because it was a close competition between Gary and Rafe. With the same result – won by Rafe.

Lydia's whining had so pissed-off the others that they impaled her on her own platform. This didn't affect her performance in the slightest: she still didn't win.

Back at camp Rafe was amazed, “Who would see this little gay Mormon win these immunity challenges?”

It was pretty clear that the final four group – Stephenie, Rafe, Judd and Cindy – were staying strong. As Steph told us: “It seems impossible that we won’t get to the final four together. In the last series I felt so powerless and this time I feel so power-full……It almost seems too good to be true.” Hmmm, you know what they say about counting your chickens, or is it a rolling stone spoils the broth?

Lydia was feeling the pinch and grumbled as such to Danni. On the other side of the camp, Rafe admitted to Gary that he didn’t trust Judd or Stephenie 100%.

At Tribal Council – Jeff asked Lydia about the food issue with Stephenie – “It was nothing personal, but this time I wanted to eat.” Then he asked her who’s running the camp right now- “Steph is running the show.” Gary told Jeff: “I personally like Steph, but there are some people who are star struck by her. It’s not her fault but they can get an autograph after the show.” This caused jury members BJ and Jamie to have a good chuckle. Then somehow Judd and Gary then started arguing about who tells lies with Judd adamant that he’d never lied in the game. Gary got fed up and then revealed that Judd lied about the idol being hidden on the ground. “You got outed, Judd” said Jeff.

Judd voted for Gary “Get the hell out of here.” It was the only one shown, so it was Gary by a landslide. Even Danni voted for him!

Bye bye Gazza - go home and EAT something

Next week – Danni feels the pressure……Lydia makes a move on Judd (somehow I doubt that sex is involved)….and the tribe is shocked…….

premiership table shows that now it's only Special Ray and the mysterious Brett who are sharing equal first. However, those of you who may only have one or two left should not fear: you might have the winner.


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